May 31, 2014.

I have officially left Costa Rica! I’m so excited to be going home… First thing I want is a long hot shower 🙂 and then all of the American food I am craving 😀

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My trip was so amazing and such a great experience. I can’t wait to go back to Costa Rica and study abroad again. I learned more Spanish in two weeks than I have through high school and the two semesters I just did in college. The teachers at CPI actually help and take their time teaching you one on one. The people in Costa Rica are so friendly as well and always helped me when I didn’t know how to say something. My host family in Monteverde was absolutely the best and helped me learn a lot outside of school as well. Being immersed in the culture also made it a lot easier to learn Spanish because that’s what you had to speak to talk to many people in Monteverde or your family. All of the excursions we went on made the trip so much more fun and memorable. Flamingo was really nice because of the beach but the people here weren’t as friendly. The host families were a little different as well compared to Monteverde. We also had to be really careful walking anywhere and we were advised to walk together and never alone. It was just a scary feeling even walking to and from the bus stop sometimes. Monteverde was a much more comfortable atmosphere. After staying a week in Flamingo and not feeling very welcomed by my host family I was more than ready to go home. The culture is so much different than what I am used to, but it is very interesting seeing how different it is in another country.

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May 30, 2014.

Today is my last day in Flamingo! I get to go home tomorrow 😀 I am excited but I am so sad that I’m leaving this beautiful place. I will definitely be back again and hopefully be able to learn more Spanish here 🙂 Today was a free day after school so my friends and I went to the Monkey Bar. Anywhere I go there’s always an amazing view and it’s always so pretty everywhere.

10389510_10204076951388033_1354282516423437854_n    10407399_10204076948547962_4045689390725789618_n

Tonight we had a bonfire on the beach as our one last get together in Costa Rica. 🙂 It took my friends about an hour to even get a good fire that lasted 10 minutes. Haha. It’s so sad knowing I’m going to be leaving all of these wonderful friends I’ve met here. It’s just a see you later though 🙂



May 29, 2014.

Today we went on a snorkel cruise 😀 this definitely was my favorite thing we have done all trip. It felt like I was actually on vacation and able to enjoy it and relax. There was an open bar, plenty of food, music, and lots of tanning 🙂 I jumped off the boat a few times and went snorkeling but I wasn’t able to see any fish 😦 only a few people were able to see some but they said the fish weren’t pretty anyways. Haha. We also watched the sunset while coming back to shore on the boat. 🙂 After being in the sun all day, I am so exhausted.

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May 28, 2014.

School was fun as always 🙂 After school today we went to another beach a little further away. It had a really nice resort as well. I finally saw monkey’s today as well.. There were 4 in the trees on the beach and on our way back we saw at least 10 in one tree. The gelato here is so so so delicious 😋 I mostly stayed on a hammock on the beach sleeping, it was really nice 🙂


May 27, 2014.

Well today I had some eggs and toast for breakfast.. A little better than yesterday 🙂 my teacher was much nicer today than yesterday as well. Class was great today! We are now on our way to Santa Cruz for a pottery tour and walk. It is so hot and humid today I feel so sick.. No bueno.

It takes over 7 hours to complete a smaller pottery and a bigger one takes a few days to complete. Most of the pottery that was being sold had the same animals I see on almost everything else in Costa Rica. The guy making the pottery mentioned that an iguana and a parrot represent beauty and monkeys represent good luck. The place we visited has 6 generations of making pottery. The men in the family start making pottery at age 11.

20140602-103553-38153087.jpg  20140602-103553-38153264.jpg

On my way home today I went to the beach and watched the sunset. It was so pretty!


For dinner tonight mi mama tica made hot dogs. It was very different, it had lettuce on it, it may have been cabbage (not sure). The family also added on their hot dogs mayonnaise with lime, and ketchup. Weird.

20140602-103936-38376874.jpg            20140602-103937-38377041.jpg

May 26, 2014.

Today is the first day of school in Flamingo! For breakfast today I was given only cereal /: oh man did my stomach not like that! My new school is right on the beach.. The window in my class looks right out at the beach. 🙂 I still can’t believe I’m in Costa Rica studying abroad. It all feels so surreal. For lunch today we had a cooking class and made salad and arroz con pollo.


After school we walked to Flamingo Beach and spent the day there. The current was really strong today as it took me out a couple times. Haha. I couldn’t get out of the water for at least 10 minutes because it kept dragging me right back in. My friend and I went for a long walk to the other side of the beach where most of the resorts were. I found many pretty hibiscus and a cool orange one out of all the pink flowers. 🌺

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May 25, 2014.

Today we went horseback riding down to the river where we went tubing for the day. This trip just gets better and better. There’s so much I’ve already done and have much more to do! 😀 Tubing was so much fun, another thing I’ve done for the first time. At times it got boring when the river was really slow so my friends and I would paddle to move a little faster. I almost flipped off my tube once because I got stuck going down a rapid and my tube got stuck on the rock and almost flung me off. Haha. A few of my friends flipped off going down some of the rapids. The water wasn’t so warm today either.


After tubing we went back and got ready to leave for Flamingo. We arrived in Flamingo in the evening and met our hosts families. My host family is much different from my last one in Monteverde but it’s only for a week! 🙂 I went to the beach and swam and watched the sunset with my friends. It was so beautiful! I also found the weirdest creature on the sand, it looks like a spider in a shell. Haha.